Rotas Turísticas

The Canyons Paths


Located at General Mountains of South Brazil, between Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul State. This region is very special to nature lovers. It is a perfect place to contemplate the nature and all its plenitude. Enjoy it to rest and to venture hiking between the Canyons with natural pools, falls and vast biodiversity. We offer several options of tours from the easiest to the most radical. It is really a perfect place to the extreme sports fans.

Some cities in the Canyons Way

  • Araranguá (Ecotourism, shopping and adventures)
  • Praia Grande (Good structure for tourism, ecotourism and very beautiful landscapes)
  • Balneário Arroio do Silva (Beaches and Events)
  • Jacinto Machado (Access to the Fortaleza Canyon and trails)
  • Sombrio (Tourism, shopping and natural attractions)
  • Balneário Gaivota (Beaches, dunes and lagoons)




Map of the Canyons Way